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"EXO" An Impakt Studio Film


Chicago  film makers Chris & Blaq aka Christopher Adams and Hana "Blaq" Mitchell  premiered their Sci-Fi short film " EXO " at the 2014 Englewood international film festival. 

"Every year we have been asked  to participate in the festival but were either busy working on client projects and didn't have anything non client based to show so we decided to challenge ourselves to create something to show at this years festival" says Christopher owner and founder of Chicago based Impakt Studio who with his business partner and editor Hana has some pretty good accomplishments under their belt including 3 Grammy nominated music videos and an impressive client list that includes Public Enemy, Lupe Fiasco, Eric Roberson, Omen and most recently spent  4 months doing promotional work on the road with Floyd "Money" Mayweather. " We wanted to do something  you dont see a lot of in black films let alone indie black films, Sci-Fi and action. We are always pushing ourselves to be better and have co-opted our client and friend Floyd Mayweather's mantra for success "Hard Work & Dedication". We are also proponents of creating films that could fall under the genre of Afro futurism. i feel black films are way behind in terms variety and subject matter we seem to be stuck in Boys in the hood part 9, soul food part 10 or alot of not so funny comedies. We want to show filmmakers that technology can allow them to push beyond the types of stories currently being done in black film. Created in 7days from inception to completion including visual effects that include a CGI antagonist. Starring Tyree Mitchell as a hunter of "Monsters". EXO is a snippet of a bigger project we are now developing and is sort of a proof of concept to test our work flow and technical prowess under the worst case scenario being minimal budget and time constraints.



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